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Rite Price Hospitality Supply is your leading supplier for Hotel/Motel supplies that is necessary for continuing your hotel/ motel operations with the highest satisfaction. Our Affordable products such as Cups, Towels, Linens, Soap, Shampoo, Bath Tissue, Facial Tissue, Can Liners, Furniture, Fixtures, Vanity and Television are selected for your convenience due to their quality and budget friendliness. Also if you think the product you cannot find in our website please call us at 217-553-7642 or email us at ritepricesupply@yahoo.com so we can find your product that accommodate your need.

Bath Tissue Price: $31.00

Clean Remote Price: $8.99

Facial Tissue
Price: $39.99

9oz Plastic Cup Price: $27.99

Coffee Maker Price: $18.99

Condiment Kit Price: $39.99

Cafe Aztec Coffee Price: $32.95

Generic Ripple Cup Price: $59.99

HVAC Price: Call Us

Micro Fridge Price: Call Us

TV Price: Call Us

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